Excited Reaction

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Excited Reaction

The Excited Reaction is one of the reactions you can collect and use to express yourself in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Excited Reaction Data
Source Hip Reaction Collection
Season/Event NA
Version Added 1.6.0
Icon Filename AddExcited
Internal ID 813

Excited Reaction Appearance

The Excited Reaction uses the AddExcited icon in the Reactions menu.

The character wiggles and shakes their arms alternately while little white stars appear repeatedly around their face.

How to Get the Excited Reaction

You can get the Excited Reaction from the Hip Reaction Collection. To get the Hip Reaction Collection, you can visit the Nook Stop machine and purchase it with 2,700 Nook Miles. Your character will automatically learn the new reactions when you purchase this set, including the Excited Reaction.

How to Use the Excited Reaction

To use the Excited Reaction, press the ZR button. If the Excited is not on your ring menu, press the Y button to access all of your Reactions and select it from the menu.