Zipper T. Exposed

It’s Bunny Day and the sun is shining, festive music is playing, and the animals are sporting their carefully crafted attire. A more serene escape from the outside world seems incomprehensible. But will this idyllic paradise be forever changed? Wandering from our homes to the town square, we are greeted by a fluffy yellow rabbit – a rabbit with a mysterious past. We can only wonder who is lurking beneath the lovable exterior of Zipper T.

The island inhabitants, blissfully unaware of the deception, search for eggs, look at flowers and practice yoga. Greeting residents in a seemingly naive yet informative manner, he lays the groundwork for societal indoctrination. Is Zipper T. truly one to be trusted, or is he a heinous hare crafting his nefarious plan beneath our very noses?

To solve the mystery, we present the evidence.

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Exhibit 1: Zipper T. appears to be eavesdropping on villager communications hoping to gain intel on island life. He is ‘all ears’ when the animals stop to chat.

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Exhibit 2: Zipper maintains the appearance of a wide-eyed, simple minded bunny. Could this be disguising the criminal mastermind beneath the facade?

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Exhibit 3: Cheerful introductions quickly give way to an ominous warning.

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Exhibit 4: When approached from behind, Zipper T. is provoked and blatantly denies any implication of deception. His outright declaration of innocence displays his unease.

Exhibit 5: Threats are issued, and Zipper T. uncovers a possible violent tendency.

Questions remain unanswered. Where does Zipper T. go for the remaining 364 days of the year? Does he possess a van and piles of candy? Or does he discretely remove his fuzzy exterior and blend into society on another island far away? Perhaps we will never unravel the mystery. Or perhaps he is simply a disgruntled bunny born with a zipper on his back and a chip on his shoulder.

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