Bug-Off Bulletin

Get your nets ready! It’s time for Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s very first Bug-Off. On Saturday, June 27th, players will be given the opportunity to run around their islands and catch as many bugs as they can in three-minute increments.

The fun begins at 9 am and continues until 6 pm. Each mini challenge begins by talking to Flick who has set up shop at Resident Services. He will charge 500 bells per three-minute round for those who choose to play solo. If a friend or two is invited to join in the bug catching fun, each round will be free. Inviting friends also increases the number of points that can be earned per round.

After talking to Flick, the timer begins. Players will run around the island and catch bugs that are flying, crawling on the ground, swimming in the water, sitting on rocks, tree stumps, and trees, or falling from shaken trees. Pocket space isn’t necessary since all the bugs caught are magically transported back to the bug cage located by Flick. Making sure there are some tree stumps and flowers scattered around the island can increase the chances of catching more bugs! Also, having some spare nets on hand can save time between rounds.

Points are based on the number of bugs caught and not the value of the bugs. When playing with friends, bonus points are added. After the timer goes off players must return to Resident Services to speak with Flick. He will then reveal how many points have been earned for the round. Bugs will then need to be sold before another round can start. Flick will purchase these creepy crawlers from you for 1.5 times their value.

If catching bugs with visitors, players can take turns talking to Flick at the start of each round. It can be helpful to allow the others to locate a bug to catch before he starts the timer. Remember that points are based on the number of bugs caught, so the more your group catches, the better!

Prizes are awarded for every 10 points received. A bronze trophy will be earned after reaching 100 points, a silver trophy for 200 points, and a gold trophy for 300 points. These points are not deducted from spendable points but are bonuses for reaching each level. In addition to the trophies, which are received in the mail the next day, there are thirteen unique prizes awarded which include:

Bug Wand
Ladybug Umbrella
Toy Centipede
Toy Cockroach
Butterfly Backpack
Bug Cage
Termite Mound
Spider Web
Ladybug Rug
Bug Aloha Shirt
Spider Doorplate
Artisanal Bug Cage
Butterflies Wall

Each item from the list is awarded randomly, and players are able to get each reward multiple times.

The Bug-Off is a frenzied, fun-filled day of catching critters that earns players some cool bug swag. Bugs not caught during the timed rounds can also be sold to Flick for 1.5 times their value, so get out all those pricey bugs in storage and grab some bells!

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